A Little Info about the Kit + Feedback


Thank you for helping me out, and Getting the Indie Podcasting Kit! The response and help are more than I expected and I just wanted to say thanks and share a few links.

First of all, I want to let you all now the Kit will be launched this Monday(hopefully), at 9:55EST.

It'll include everything I showed once again, in the Screenshots and Kits.

Second of all, I'm open to feedback! I want to know what I could include that would help you build your podcast, template ideas, guides idea, resources you wanna share please share! It would be helpful!

Lastly, I'm hoping to find some people, 15-20 people to be exact to give me early feedback on the Kit!

You can reply back to this email, to answer any of these questions.

BTW, If you wanna see my live progress, you should follow me on Twitter! I post content, personal things, and will be posting about the Kit this weekend, so make sure to check that out.

Otherwise, thanks once again for helping out! 


Have a wonderful day, and please don't hesitate to reply or suggest anything.